Yehat Man was a man that Ding met in line to buy some ice cream. They talked for a good bit, and found that they made good friends. However, upon getting their ice cream, Ding discovered that Yehat Man had ordered him poop. Ding was mortified, and absolutely furious at this treachery. Yehat Man ran off with his ice cream, never to be seen again. Ding remembers the day, and swears that one day, he WILL find Yehat Man, and at least learn his motives.

Trivia Edit

  • The ice cream stand that Ding and Yehat man met in line at was owned by the owner of Poopdog.
  • This explains why they served straight up poop on a cone. There was a sign next to the flavor that read "i got a dog it poops so much help" Poopdog had been pooping so much, that his owner had to resort to selling the poop.