The Scan-and-Print-o-matic-5000, also known as the "Printer" is an invention created for the purpose of putting real-life objects and lifeforms into compatible video games. While the printer has no adverse effects on living beings that enter and use it, those who do not hold onto the handles they have access to will hurl around inside of the machine, forcefully ramming into the walls and causing immense pain.

Invention Edit

The printer was invented by a bare named Whippersnooter "Whipp" Rebuu'tal for the purpose of making video games more fun and easy to create.

The idea came to Rebuu'tal after a long night of playing his favorite game, worm Worm Worm Disco. Whilst playing it, he realized how frusturated he was with the fact that he was unable to spawn in his favorite character from the popular anime CONSUME inside the game. After getting high on Dr. Pepe, Rebuu'tal realized that he needed to fix this.

After a lengthy resource collecting trip, the tired Rebuu'tal immediately began work on his new machine. Putting together the pieces he collected, including a buttstone, a piece of a cloud, the dankest memes stolen from .3. Man's house and many other ingredients, he created it; the Scan-and-Print-o-matic-1000. Over time, Rebuu'tal began to improve his invention, updating it several times before finally falling to death's cruel grasp.

Eventually, Rebuu'tal's invention was discovered in his house, which he never shared with anyone previously, along with a note describing his will for others to work on his machine. In modern-day Baeria the printer is available for purchase at a large price.

Trivia Edit

  • Ding and Scott often ask their favorite gaming companies to put theirselves into their upcoming games.
  • This doesn't work.
  • Once, one of the Desus asked to be put into a game using a printer; once denied She used mind control to force her will upon the bares. Shortly after being put into the machine, it exploded violently, leaving her to deal with the furious owners of the facility.
  • Attempting to put beings without fingers into the printer is not advised.