Orbs are a possession prized by individuals of Baeria, and owned by almost everyone there. Those who own orbs are fiercely protective of them, and will often kill individuals seeking to claim the orb for themselves. Orbs are said to have come from space, but it is more likely that, in fact, some guy just carved them out of glass.

Traits Edit

Orbs are multicolored, slightly translucent spheres which are highly fragile and can be destroyed very easily even by weak physical assault. Orbs are also very smooth, but other than that have no notable traits and are composed completely of glass, and the parent-like instincts owners seem to have to their orbs are completely because of the individual's own decisions, and not some kind of psionic power the orbs have on sapient lifeforms. An additional oddity is that these spheres have always been called orbs and have been given no official term, as individuals simply know they are called orbs when they encounter one. Upon breaking an orb no adverse effects will occur besides the enragement of the owner of said orb, if one is present. Finally, all orb owners will always write their name on their orb, accompanying it with "'s orb" in a format so that it implies that the orb does, indeed, belong to a certain individual, and will occasionally write other things alongside this, such as "do not steal".

Notable orbs Edit


Ding's orb being destroyed, caught on photo.

Ding's Orb

Ding's orb was a purplish orb which Ding, like other orb owners, treasured like a son. It was destroyed by Scott, which caused Ding great, great pain.

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