Ding and scotts van

An artist's depiction of the Togetic and the Wooper in their vehicle.

Ding and Scott's Van, known simply as "the van" to Ding and Scott, is a normal, gasoline-fueled van by which Ding and Scott use for transporting captives, travelling and exterminating African Americans. The van is two-seated with a large, chilled storage shed attached to its back, and a monitor installed within that allows Ding and Scott to more easily track down African Americans.

Origin Edit

According to Ding and Scott, The two first found their van after .3. Man had told Ding about an old van he dumped on the side of the road in Meme City, which he previously used to transport animals to his zoo. Upon hearing this, Ding reportedly "screamed very loudly" and ran to the place described by .3. Man, screaming along the way. He eventually reached the place and took the van home, then bragged to Scott about it. Scott immediately installed one of their "Black monitors" on it and suggested they go out immediately to destroy blacks. Along the way, they killed 67 African American individuals, and captured 3 other individuals, which they proceeded to use to create Scott's "special micks".